We are Proud to Provide an Ever-Growing Variety of Custom Fine Art Frames that Gracefully Blend Tradition with Innovation!

Enjoy Designing the Perfect Frame to Complement and Complete Your Art Piece ~

There is an Art to Choosing the Right Frame  ~~  Feel free to ask for advice!

~Take a minute to look at Our Unique Frame Styles and

Consider what Might Look Best with Your Art! ~

**When reviewing our Catalog ~ Remember ~ Each frame is handcrafted from raw wood & it's up to you what happens after that

 by choosing the colors and textures that will be presented in your frame and work to

Complete your Art Piece!

Elegant Gilded Frames ~

     ~ offered in Karat, Burnished, & Gold Metal Leaf

Classic Celebrated Copper & Silver Frames ~ 

     ~offered in Burnished, Copper, & Silver Metal Leaf 

Rustic Western Distressed Frames~

    ~ offered in a variety of Stain Colors, Custom Carves & Inlays 

Modern Matte Clay Frames ~

  ~ offered in a variety of Clay Colors, Finishes, Rubs, Carves, & Sgraffito

Natural Wood Stain Frames ~

   ~ offered in a variety of Stain Colors, Carves, & Inlays

Contemporary Floater Frames ~

    ~ offered in Each of Our Styles, Colors, & Stains 

~ Go To Our America West Floater Frame Page with Styles, Colors, & Prices ~

Ready-Made Frames ~

    ~ offered in 6 styles and 7 standard sizes

                        Ready to Ship!  ~ Go To Our Ready-Made Page with Styles, Sizes, & Prices ~

Corner Samples for Your Gallery & Clients ~

   ~ We suggest you choose your 4 favorite styles that can present a variety of combinations to your clients so they can hold and feel the great quality and craftsmanship of our custom fine art frames and customize the frame they want when buying your art! ~

    Order 4 and take advantage of our featured 20% discount!